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    "I want to leave the world

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    Hello! I'm Oli

    I am always Moving.


    Mountain Biking, Surfing, Ultimate Frisbee, Systems Analysis and Wholistic Solutions  – infusing my love for Action Sports with a deep concern for the Earth and its people.


    I want to help us tread softly on our Planet without sacrificing the adventurous enjoyment of Life.

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    I bring a lot to the table.



    Infrastructure networks and inter-dependency​

    Effective Project Management

    Whole Systems Thinking

    Permaculture Design & Teaching

  • What I'm up to

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    Designing for Action

    Where do the real impacts lie?

    I want to transform the way we do sports, considering how we can reduce material and energy use, change behaviour and consumption patterns and show that there we don't lose any quality of experience in doing so.


    So, starting with mountain bikes, I'm conducting analysis to see where the biggest environmental impacts are in manufacturing, distribution and sales of mountain bikes.


    I'm also conducting an analysis on the mountain bike user end to assess the impact once the bike reaches a customer's hands.

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    Networking for Good

    What are companies doing?

    Currently I'm on the road in North America conducting informational interviews with companies in the action and outdoor sports industry to find out where they are at on the road to sustainability to better inform my analyses.

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    Diving Into the Future

    How can we showcase it?

    I am developing concepts around a model for recreation, land regeneration and education in the form of an self propelled action sports village. The concept involves the regeneration of degraded land using permaculture design principles to combine, trails and other recreational facilities with natural buildings, closed loop energy and waste systems and small scale food production and edible landscapes

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    February 3, 2017

    My Story so far

    It's been quite a Journey.


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    It all began with me growing up on an Island in beautiful subtropical Sydney, exploring the forests and estuaries that surrounded me.

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    Mountain Biking

    Teenage Years

    At 15 years old I started riding mountain bikes, a passion that has woven together the threads of my life for the two decades since then, including working and playing in both Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.


    From the middle of high school I began questioning the status quo, eventually concluding that everything is connected and there really is no free lunch.


    Everything we do has an environmental impact, the question is, how do we self regulate and bring that footprint back within the biocapacity of our both our local environment and the planet?

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    Education and Family

    University and Beyond

    I graduated from the University of Sydney in Marine Science, Linguistics and Croatian Language in 2006. I then continued to work in the bike industry until 2011, when I took my first job as a Climate Risk Analyst.


    I am proud that I went back to Croatia as a 24 year old and learned the language well enough to connect with my family.

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    Regenerative Living

    Paradigm Expansion

    After 5 years in the field of climate risk and infrastructure sustainability consulting, my instincts told me that I needed to get back to basics.


    I discovered O.U.R. Ecovillage and dove into their regenerative living program. This immersed me in radically different aspects of sustainability, unlocking my potential, connecting me with people on a deeper level and moving me forward in my life.

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